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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

France Cities' Top Tourist Destinations and Things to Do

 One of the most important countries of the Western world, France is the French Republic country of Northwestern Europe. France, Europe's most important agricultural producing country, is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees, and the Alps. Along with France being one of the major industrial powers of the world, it is also one of the oldest countries in the world.

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France, the largest country in Western Europe, has a population of about 67 million. It borders Belgium and Germany to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and Spain and the Pyrenees Mountains to the south. France has become the agricultural center of Europe due to the vast fertile plains of the north and west. On the southern interior of France lies the vast plateau of Massif Central, a series of ancient mountains and extinct volcanoes.

About France language, culture, and climate

About three-fifths of French people belong to the Roman Catholic Church. French is the official national language of France. More than 76% of the people speak French. Briggs and dialects are also widely spoken in rural areas of France. Breton (A Celtic language) is spoken in the western parts of the country, with Alsatian and Flemish (Dutch) spoken in German, in the northern and northern parts.

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64 percent of France's population (about 41.6 million people. Believes Roman Catholicism. Other religions in France include Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism. The word "culture" actually derives from a French word for France. Most people The center of fashion, food, art, and architecture combines French culture with Paris. But outside of the City of Lights, the lifestyle here varies by region. French culture is a blend of Gallo-Roman and Celtic cultures as well as Franks, a Was influenced by the German tribe.

The southern border of France is included in the subtropical region. The climate of France is generally favorable to farming and is thought to be under the influence of all the seas of France. 50 ° F (10 ° C) on the northern border with Lille and 59 ° F (15 ° C) along the Nees occurs in the quota, and the average annual temperature falls in the north. The annual rainfall in the higher altitude region Massif Central, Alps, and Jura are more than 50 inches (1,270 mm). The climate of France depends on three main things: sea, continental, and the Mediterranean.

France Top tourist cities and places to visit

France, one of the safest places in the world, is the number one tourist destination in the world. Some of Europe's greatest beaches, as well as the finest historical monuments, delightful countryside, the highest mountains, magnificent palaces, and some great rivers, are extremely popular attractions for tourists. The finest wines, the best restaurants, and the luxurious hotels make France the best tourist destination in Europe. From a weekend city holiday to a relaxing family holiday in the countryside, all areas here have a different attraction. So let us tell you about the fascinating activities of France and the location of the top tourist cities-

1. Paris

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Paris is the capital of France, more than 2,000 years old and the most important city. Due to the magical atmosphere of Paris, it is called by nicknames such as "City of Lights" and "City of Love". Paris is today one of the world's leading centers for fashion, art, entertainment, business, and culture. Called the capital of fashion, Paris has some of the finest designers in the world such as Lancôme, Yves Saint-Laurent, L'Oreal, and Christian Dior. From world-famous sites, churches and museums, shopping centers, open-air markets, boutiques, and flea markets are the top tourist attractions in Paris.

Top tourist attraction places to visit in Paris

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Eiffel Tower: - Despite initial opposition to the structure being dismissed as a monstrosity in 1889, the Eiffel Tower is the most visited tourist attraction in Paris, and is one of the top places to visit in France and the world. This 300-meter marvel is joined by 18,000 strong iron sections (weighing over 10,000 tons) and 2.5 million rivets. Visitors can take a lift to reach the top level of the tower. The tower by the lift hosts visitors on three levels, the restaurant on the first two floors and the observation deck on the third, from which one can see extremely spectacular views.

Louvre Museum: - The Louvre Museum, one of the largest museums in the world, is a historical monument in Paris. Greek, Islamic art, Egyptian antiques, Etruscan and Roman antiques, decorative arts, sculptures, prints, paintings, and paintings with the Mona Lisa host art collections. Leonardo da Vinci, Carrousel, and Tuileries Gardens are other landmarks along with the Open-Air Sculpture Museum and serve as the most famous exhibit. More than 380,000 stores are located in this museum. The inverted pyramid constructed as a part and the glass pyramid acting as the main gate is the other star attraction of the museum. You can see the famous works of Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, Vermeer, and Usael Delacroix here.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris: - Notre-Dame de Paris is a classic symbol of Gothic architecture, and is a medieval Catholic cathedral. The construction of this cathedral began in 1160 under Bishop Maurice de Sully and was completed by 1260. The rib vault and flying buttress, stained rose windows, the nature of sculptural decoration, the grand interior of bells, and relics make this cathedral extremely popular among tourists from all over the world. The statues of mythical creatures with two high towers, a nail with sliver and a true cross, the Crown of Thrones, and the outer part are the summits. The catastrophic fire took place in the church in April 2019, so renovation work is currently closed to visitors.

Arc de Triomphe: - The Arc de Triomphe, located at the west end of the Champs-clysées in the center of the Place Charles de Gaulle, is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. The Arc de Triomphe was created to honor the soldiers who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. All French victories and generals' names on this monument, designed by Jean Chalrgine in 1806, were inscribed on its interior and exterior surfaces. The Arc de Triomphe has a total height of 50 meters, width 45 meters, and depth 22 meters, and its large vault is 29.19 meters high and 14.62 meters wide. The Arc de Triomphe is a grand attraction for visitors to France.

Sacre-Coeur: - Ser-Cure, the second most visited monument in Paris, is the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris. Construction of this monument began in 1875 and was completed in 1914. The consecration ceremony took place only after the end of the First World War in 1919. This religious monument has emerged as a very popular place for locals as well as tourists. The Basilica, located on the Montmarte hill, is the second-highest in the city, and also has an observation deck at the topmost point of its central dome.

Palace of Versailles: - Palace of Versailles, located in the department of Yvelines, was the principal royal residence of France since 1682, in the region of dele-de-France, about 20 kilometers southwest of the center of Paris. By expanding Chettu into the palace for Louis XIV in 1682, the palace was greatly enlarged. The king transferred the French government and the entire royal court to Versailles. Some of the palace furniture was constructed of solid silver, but in 1689 this furniture was melted to pay the cost of the war. For the wedding of Pin and Marie Antoinette, Louis XV established an opera house in 1770 at the northern end of the North Wing. For the wedding of Pin and Marie Antoinette, Louis XV established an opera house in 1770 at the northern end of the North Wing.

Musee d 'Orsay: - Musée d'Orsay, built between 1898 and 1900, is a famous impressionist and post-impressionist collective art space. Formerly Bucks-Arts railway station caters mainly to French art. Collections by famous artists such as Gauguin, Renoir, Dali, Cézanne, Monet, and Van Gogh include sculptures, decorative arts, and architectural structures. Its top floor hosts artifacts from 1874–1886, and the ground floor contains some 19th-century paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts. Another impressive section of the museum is the D'Ores Clock, which offers a beautiful view of the city of Paris.

Montmartre: - Montmartre, a high-raised village suburb with some of the most picturesque views of Paris. Many artists from the Bygone era have lived in Montmartre for a short time and their impressions can still be felt in the Montmartre suburb. There are other sights in Montmartre such as Santing of Montmartre, Place du Tertre, Cray Coir, Le Mur des Jeytime, Church of St. Pierre, Moulin Rog. Filled with unique trinkets of the Parisian lifestyle, Montmartre has earned a reputation among tourists for being the serene and delightful place of Paris.

Palais Garnier: - The 19th-century opera house Palais Garnier is a symbol of grand Parisian architecture. Palais Garnier, one of the most historic historical monuments of Paris, can host visitors from 2000 upwards. Paris is home to the Opera Library-Museum and is recognized as one of the most famous opera houses in the world. The style of the auditorium is an architectural fusion of its classical and Renaissance styles, in the Italian style with the grand staircase and foyer, rotunda, and bronze-crystal chandeliers.

Jardin des Tuileries: - Jardin des Tuileries, situated between the Place de la Concorde and the Louvre Museum in Paris, is a public garden, also known as the Tuileries Garden. Catherine de-Medici built-in 1564 as the garden of the Tuileries Palace. People come here to relax, take a walk, and interact with friends and enjoy a peaceful evening. A walk-in Tuileries Gardens is described by some as a heavenly experience. Carousel, Terrace, as well as points of recreation and peaceful atmospheres like Charles V, Grand Calleur, and Grand Cuvert of Tully, for breathtaking views of the carousel. Massive plantations of grass and pomegranate, mulberry, fountains, and fish-ponds, etc. make the garden an ideal blend of natural elements of the environment.

The others top tourist destinations and things to do in Paris are Moulin Rouge Paris, Disneyland Paris, Pantheon, Saint-Germain-des-Pres, Saint Chapelle, Musee Rodin, Champs Elysees, Cruise on Seine River, Jardin du Luxembourg, Place de la Concorde, Palais du Luxembourg, Foundation Louis Vuitton, Le Marais, Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise, Center Pompidou, Cabaret, Hotel Des Invalides, Musee Picasso, Pont Neuf, Pont Alexandre III, Ile de la Cite, Musee Jacquemart-Andre, Latin Quarter in Paris, Musee De L Orangerie, Le Manoir De Paris, etc.

Paris trip cost

A trip to Paris costs you an average of around $ 193 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 1,351. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Paris is $ 247. So, a trip to Paris for two people for a week costs an average of $ 2,706.

2. Nice

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Nice is one of the best cities to visit in France, to enjoy life, to take in the beauty of gardens and the sea. Surrounded by the calm blue waters of the Baie des Anges and the foothills of the Maritime Alps, Nice, with its sunny weather and stunning sea views, enchants visitors. The city was originally discovered by the British as a winter resort in the 1820s and is still a popular holiday destination today. The churches, ruins, museums, and old towns of Nice reflect the culture and prosperity of the city.

Top tourist attraction places to visit in Nice

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Vieille Ville (Old Town): - Veille Ville (Old Town of Nice) is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike with a roundabout of narrow streets and cobblestone streets. The area, which begins at the western end of the Vieille Ville Choline du Chetu (Castle Hill), is popularly known as "Babazuk". Along with visiting Nice Cathedral, Courts Salea flower, and fruit market, you must visit authentic French shops and restaurants. In the magnificent Baroque palace of the 17th century, you will find furnishings from the 17th and 18th centuries, rich plasterwork, Flemish tapestries, and roof paintings of the Italian school.

Promenade Des Anglais: - Promenade des Anglais is a walk along the Mediterranean Sea in Nice. This most symbolic road of Nice is a grand pedestrian area and is lined with palm trees planted on this mythical seaside road. It was built in the 1820s by an Englishman named Reverend Lewis Way at his own expense. You can enjoy the walk along the sea and the breathtaking scenery here.

Castle Hill (Colline du Chateau): - Castle Hill (Colin du Chato) is a more impressive hill than a palace, situated atop Nice Beach. This delightful park inspires visitors to take a leisurely stroll along, enjoying the splendid views of greenery, shady trees, and pleasant rivers of waterfalls. Colleen du Chettu is illuminated at night with special lighting effects. The ruins of two old churches in the park are worth seeing.

Musee Marc Chagall: - Marc Chagall was a local resident (of French / Russian descent) and was so deep in design that he himself made the final decision on where to put each of his works. The amazing stained glass windows, garden layouts, etc. His amazing display artwork is present in the museum in Nice. Do visit the Musee Marc Chagall's Historical Museum to discover interesting things.

Parc Phoenix: - Parc Phoenix, located at the western end of Promenade des Anglais, is a parkland spread over seven hectares. The park has 20 themed areas with gardens and ponds, 2,500 plant species. It has many attractions in the park, which is also breathtaking for children. The animal enclosure and terrarium of beaver, turtles, and tropical spiders, etc. are located in the park. The park is one of the largest modern greenhouses in Europe.

Museum of Modern Art (Musee d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain): - Located in the center of the city at the end of the Coulée Verte, The Museum of Modern Art is a place to feast your eyes on creations by countless Nice-based modern artists. Is an ideal place. Andy Warhol and a lot of pop art pieces are also included in this museum. The museum is a confluence of famous artifacts of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, including heat defeating and Yves Klein.

Cimiez Cemetery: - The Cimiez neighborhood is a residential area, which has many magnificent sites like Cimiez Arenas, Cimiez Archaeological Museum, Cimiez Arena Park, Cimiez Monastery gardens, and Roman. A wonderful place with wonderfully carved headstones and figures. Many British and American diplomats, the cemetery is the final resting place of Matisse and the French painter Raul Dufy.

Palais Lascaris: - Palais Lascaris was opened to the public in 1970 as a museum. Home to one of the first great families in Nice, the place is an interesting risk finder. Some of the breathtaking decorations of the 18th century, Atage Noble (Great Floor) are the main attraction here.

Jardin Albert I: - Jardin Albert I is situated between Avenue des Focanes and Avenue de Verdun. Fontaine du Soleil, a magnificent fountain with the statue of the Greek sun god Apollo, is located in Masna, the busiest place of this huge garden. A pleasant open-air theater surrounded by cedar and palm trees is located near Jardine Albert I. Rock festivals, performances, and concerts by popular rock bands are organized by this open-air theater.

The others top tourist attraction places and things to do in Nice are Place Massena, La Réserve Diving Boards, Hotel Le Meridien Terrace, Promenade du Paillon, La Coulée Verte, Hotel Negresco, Flower Market (Marché Saleya), Cathédrale Sainte-Réparate, Le Vieux Port (Old Port), Mont Boron, Castle Hill, Cimiez Monastery, Boulevard Cimiez, The Musée Matisse, etc.

Nice Trip Cost

A trip to Nice costs you an average of around $ 125 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 875. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Nice is $ 112. So, a trip to Nice for two people for a week costs an average of $ 1,753.

3. Bordeaux

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The city, with its urban elegance and provincial charm, is a 21st-century architectural spectacle. Bordeaux is an attractive tourist destination in a beautiful region of West France. In 1998, UNESCO declared Bordeaux as a World Heritage Site for its wealth of architectural treasures. Bordeaux is called the "Port of the Moon" because of its romantic location located on a crescent-shaped meander of the Geron River. More than 350 buildings of the city's rich cultural heritage are classified as historical monuments. Traveling to Bordeaux is a must to explore the world of iconic châteaux and small wineries.

Top tourist attraction places to visit in Bordeaux

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Place de la Bourse: - Place de la Bourse, the most famous square in the city of Bordeaux, was designed by Jacques Gabriel, Louis XV's favorite architect in the 1720s. For the open design of the plaza, the old city walls were then broken. Crossing the road to the water mirror created by artist Michel Korjoud is a great experience. This square, separated by railings from the Geron River, is a large pool with a small film of water surrounded by mist sometimes depicting the Place de la Bourse.

Quais de Bordeaux: - The left bank of the Garonne, one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, is also part of the 18th-century World Heritage Site. The majestic aspects of the grand neo-classical buildings extend up to 80 meters along the banks of a river. There is wide openness next to the broad gonon, with benches, flower beds, and lawns under the trees.

Bordeaux Cathedral: - Bordeaux's Cathedral is best known as a place. The cathedral, along with many religious buildings around France, had its decorations stripped at the time of the revolution. It is inspired by the historical significance of the medieval site or the grandeur of the Gothic architecture. Intricately carved wooden limbs, separate bell towers and the rising arches of the cathedral are spectacular tourist attractions. Along with the collection of religious artifacts in the cathedral, 42 illuminated manuscripts made between the 14th and 16th centuries. 

Grand Theater de Bordeaux: - 18th-century Grand Theater Bordeaux, designed by the famous architect Victor Louis. The Grand Theater, opened in 1780, restored in 1991, is home to the Theater Oprah National de Bordeaux. With its parade of Corinthian columns, neoclassical outdoor visitors enter, like a temple dedicated to the performing arts. A grand foyer adorned with marble statues, with golden halls and a huge crystal chandelier, is decorated with frescoes.

Musee d'Aquitaine: - The Museum of Aquitaine is one of the best places to explore French history outside Paris and reflects the timelines of the region from prehistoric to modern times. The museum at Bordela, the most famous in history, is also the burial place of the politician, philosopher and author Michel Iquam de Montengai. In this museum, opened in 1987, Eleanor of Aquitaine's life is also well depicted here. A detailed reproduction display of some prehistoric cave paintings is also located here.

Rue Sainte-Catherine: - The northern part of the Rue Sainte-Catherine road is a major shopping destination. Rue Sainte-Catherine, one of Europe's longest walking roads, was completely rebuilt in the early 2000s. This road has been closed for traffic since 1984. Place St-Project is a beautiful square at the focal point of the street where visitors can relax. Along with the historic Galerie Bordelaise shopping center, many restaurants, cafes, and boutiques are also extremely popular here. The southern section of the road is known to more than 60,000 students in the city.

Porte Cailhau: - Porte Callau, built as a memorial to Charles VIII, once served as the city's main gate. This medieval entrance, located in the Place du Palais on the banks of the Geron River, still looks much the same as it used to be after 1495. With both Gothic and Renaissance features, the gate is of architectural interest. An exhibition of the types of equipment and materials used for its construction is displayed here.

Basilica of St. Michael: - The Arrow, a 15th-century clock tower, is the main attraction of Basilica St. Michel. The subsoil is too weak to support heavy structures, so a slender tower 37-storey high was built next to the cathedral. Tourists can enjoy panoramic views of the city by climbing 230 stairs up. The depiction of Saint Michael slaying the dragon stares at the pulpit inside the Gothic church.

Musee des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux: - Musee des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux, founded in 1801, the museum's permanent collection is spread over two wings. The masterpieces of the 15th to 20th centuries definitely impress art lovers. Theme-based exhibitions at the Gallery of Beaks-Arts are displayed to visitors in the museum's extensive collection. This museum, enriched with art seized during the Napoleonic Wars, features works by Europe's greatest artists, such as Renoir and Rubens, from Titian and Veronese.

The others top tourist attractions and things to do in Bordeaux are Porte de la Grosse Cloche, Pont de Pierre, Esplanade des Quinconces, Porte Cailhau, La Grosse Cloche, Bordeaux Wine, La Cité du Vin, Jardin Public, Musée d'Aquitaine, Place de la Victoire, Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas, Canelés, Basilique Saint-Seurin, Tour Pey Berland, Palais Gallien, Croiseur Colbert, Grosse Cloche, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, etc.

Bordeaux Trip Cost

A trip to Bordeaux costs you an average of around $ 113 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 791. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Bordeaux is $ 120. So, a trip to Bordeaux for two people for a week costs an average of $ 1,577.

4. Cannes

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With a chic reputation and amazing climate, Cannes is a great place to visit. Sandy beaches and sidewalk cafes are located for trips around the area. Luxury hotels, trendy restaurants, trendy restaurants, and pristine beaches are some of the city's spectacular attractions. The ear season between May to October is mild for sunbathing on the seashore. The streets of Cannes adorn the palpable palm trees and subtropical flowers flourish throughout the city, giving visitors the feel of being in paradise. Cannes's prestigious film festival, usually held in May and June, has gained an international reputation since it began in 1946. This annual Red-Carpet Gala has been an important event to promote the art of filmmaking and attract renowned film stars from across Nia.

Top tourist attraction places to visit in Cannes

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La Croisette: - For luxury hotels and textile shops, Cannes's Palm Line Boulevard is the center of all tourist attractions. Designed by Charles Delmas, the grand French art nouveau is a stunning example of architecture. Boulevard de la Croisette is lined by elegant hotels such as the historic Intercontinental Carlton Cannes. Beyond La Roserie Park, there are rows of luxury boats at the port of the delightful Port Pierre Canto. For fans of sunbathers and water sports, here is Port Palm Beach, a quiet public beach on the west side of Point Croisset.

Palais des Festivals et des Congrs: - This building, completed in 1982, was designed by architects Bennett and Drett. It is irresistible not to photograph with 22 steps under the red carpet. In this space of 25,000 square meters, the Palais des Festival is equipped with the best lighting and sound systems, with state of the art technical equipment, for exhibitions. Apart from the Film Festival and G-20 Summit, the International Music Trade Show is organized in this building. The only way you can enter the festival building and walk into the auditorium is with the Pallas des Festival Guided Tour organized by the Cannes Tourist Office.

‘Les de Lerins: - A group of four islands is the Lerins Islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea, on a boat only 15 minutes from Cannes. Of these four islands, only two Saint Honorat and Ste Marguerite are inhabited. The small island of Saint Honorat has a monastery and a ruins palace, and the monks of the monastery sell self-made food items and wines. Known for its bone-white beaches and eucalyptus trees, the island of St. Marguerite is large and has shops, bars, restaurants, and castles.

Le Suquet: - Le Suquet, the oldest district of Cannes, is known for its amazing views of the bay. The old church with the 11th-century Tour du Mont Chevalier The Watchtower, Eglise du Suquet, is situated in the heart of Le Suquet, and together dominate the horizon. The district of Le Suquet represents the original fishing village formerly known as Cannes. A short distance away is Rue Meynadier, the city's main shopping street along the Rue d'Antibes. The narrow and quaint streets of Le Suquet are reminiscent of old-world charm.

Notre-Dame de l'Esperance: - Built in the 16th century, the Gothic style church is one of the most important churches in Cannes. Built-in the Gothic style, this church has a mixture of architectural styles. Known for its peaceful interiors, this church is a historical monument. Suket is also the venue for the music festival to be held in July.

La Mairie (the Town Hall): - The La Mairie building is a wonderful example of 19th-century architecture. Louis Owerlier built the town hall in just three years, starting construction work in 18. Local people come here to register everything in life. The heart of the city beats in the town hall.

Public Beaches: - Ideal for gorgeous views and tranquil Mediterranean water baths, Cannes is famous for its sandy beaches. Many beaches are open to the public, and some beaches are private property owned by the hotel. A serene beach with gorgeous views and golden sand; Pledge du Midi is a long sandy beach near the center of Cannes. More Rouge Beach is a good choice for fishing near the harbors.

Vieux Port: - Vicks Port (Old Port) located below the historic Le Suquet Quarter is a symbol of the Mediterranean views of Cannes. Vicks port is also known as 'port ears'. The Viet Port is a Royal launching point for use as a dock for boats and other sailboats. The picturesque Alice de la Liberté, of narrow ancient lanes adorned with picturesque plain trees, lies north of the harbor.

La Californie: - La Californie, the grand holiday villa of Cannes, is surrounded by lush green gardens and palm trees, and offers glamorous French Riviera views. The neighborhood of the great painter Picasso, this charming area is a wonderful place for a relaxing afternoon stroll. How buildings and vibrant landscapes attracted by its beauty will inspire an artist. On the Boulevard Alexandre is Eglis Roos (a Russian church).

The others top tourist attraction destinations and things to do in Cannes are La Malmaison Museum, Musée de la Castre, Notre-Dame d'Espérance, The Island of Saint-Honorat, Sainte-Marguerite Island, Cannes Film Festival, Center d'Art La Malmaison, InterContinental Carlton Hotel, Rue d'Antibes, Palm Beach (public), Plage du Midi (public), Palais des Festivals, Hotel Barrière Le Majestic, La Serviette Blanche, Chapelle Bellini etc.

Cannes Trip Cost

A trip to Cannes costs you an average of around $ 131 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 791. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Cannes is $ 143. So, a trip to Cannes for two people for a week costs an average of $ 1,828.

5. Marseille

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Marseille, France's oldest and second-largest metropolitan city after Paris, with a busy harbor and vibrant urban energy, gives visitors an authentic tourist experience. Marseille has a lot to offer, ranging from ancient history and cultural diversity to grand sea views. Feeling the refreshing sea breeze, along with a view on the charming old road, the colorful, multivariate heritage of the city also makes Marseille an attractive place. The park, museum, and cultural center of Marseille are a major tourist attraction. The Old Port of France's oldest city has been in use since 600BC.

Top tourist attraction places to visit in Marseille

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Old Port of Marseille: - Vieux Port or Old Port is the main road to Marseille. The city's natural harbor has now been the center of restaurants, cafes, and hotels since ancient times. Historic buildings such as Sainte Marie Lighthouse and Maison Dimensi are the main popular locations in Marseille. This huge rectangular port has been the center of the city for doing business for over 2,600 years. The port has become a predominantly pedestrian route since 2013.

 Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde: - The Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde, the most famous symbol of the Catholic Basilica and Marseille in France, is situated on the summit of a breathtaking mountainous place. This church, built-in 1853 – 1874, supports cheeks with light and deep marble arches, and the grand Neo-Byzantine style of light has a grand design imprint of the interior. A square 41-meter bell tower above the 12.5-meter clock tower gilded over the Madonna.

Basilique Saint-Victor: - Established in the 5th century and dedicated to the martyr Saint Victor, this house of worship was of an abbey. The church has a special aura due to its ancient beginnings, and the forebrain realizes a medieval fortress on the exterior. The bastion towers of the 11th and 14th centuries, and the 13th century Black Madonna, are still located here. Basilique Saint-victor, one of the oldest buildings in Marseille, is a tourist attraction in the city.

Le Panier (Old Town): - Le Panier (Old Town), situated on a hill above Vieux Port, is the historical and cultural center of the colorful neighborhood Marseille. The ancient Greeks settled here in 600 BC, so Le Panier is the oldest quarter of Marseille. With quaint pastel buildings and narrow winding streets, Le Panier offers a glimpse of the charming personality of Marseille. The quarter is also a residential neighborhood, with local artisan boutiques, Algerian food, gourmet food shops, and art galleries. The Hotel de Ville (town hall), built on the basis of a Genoese architectural model in the second half of the 17th century, has several important monuments such as the Cathedral de la Major and the Veil Charit.

MuCEM (Musée des Civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée): - This huge museum with a splendid complex of three different sites is a treasure trove of discoveries. Visitors can explore the history of Mediterranean civilization through film screenings and museum galleries as well as lectures. The newest part of the museum is built on the former J4 Pier, by architect Rudy Rikkikoti. This section addresses topics such as the philosophy of Jerusalem, the treasures of the Masala Marg, the seven wonders of the world, and the invention of the gods. The second phase of the 12th-century museum is a historical monument located in the vaulted rooms of Fort Saint-Jean. The Conservation Center, located in Le de Mai Quarter, offers a behind-the-scenes look at the museum's work as the third site.

Château d'If: - Château d'If, situated at a distance of a short ferry ride away from the port of Marseille, is a meaningful attraction of history and natural setting. This nature conservation area is included in the small islands of Pommagets, Ratcheau, and Tibolone. With turquoise waters, sandy casts, protected coves, impressive limestone cliffs, and pristine beaches, the view here is spectacular. Mediterranean sunlight creates a spectacular effect on the water and microclimate allows rare floral species to flourish. The fort was built by King François I in the 16th century and was then converted into a prison.

Musée d'Histoire de Marseille (History Museum): - For the oldest city in France, this museum contains 2,600 years of history in an impressive collection of historical artifacts. The Musi dehistire de Marseille Museum tells the story of Marseille of its Gallo-Greek origin from the Middle Ages to the present day. The hull of a Roman ship from the third century is one of the highlights of the collection. An open-air museum for the excavation site also has a park, the Jardin des Vestages. From the third century BCE, visitors can see in these gardens the ruins of the ancient port of Massalia.

Vieille Charité: - The Vieille Charité building, built-in 1640, is situated on the Place des Moulins, the highest point of Le Panier. Marseille Town Council had decided to give poor local residents a decent place to live in compliance with the royal policy of "encircling the poor". A three-floor public hospital building was added in 1749. Built from 1679 to 1707, the chapel in the center courtyard of the hospital complex is a marvelous example of Italian baroque architecture. The facade of Vieille Charité dating from 1863 is more modern. Since 1986, the Vieille Charité building has been used to host scientific and cultural events.

The others top tourist attraction destination and things to do in Marseille are Cathédrale de la Major, Calanques National Park, La Plaine and Noailles, Stade Vélodrome, Boulevard Longchamp, Cité Radieuse, L'Estaque, Musée des Docks Romains, Beaches, and Cuisine, Fort Saint-Jean, Marseille Cathedral, La Vieille Charité, Parc Borély, Noailles, etc.

Marseille Trip Cost

A trip to Marseille costs you an average of around $ 108 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 756. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Marseille is $ 100. So, a trip to Marseille for two people for a week costs an average of $ 1,509.

6. French Riviera

French Riviera Tour - yatraworld

The French Riviera or Côte d'Azur, stretching from Saint-Tropez to Menton near the border with Italy, is known for its provencal culture, sea vistas, charming villages, panoramic views, overall jo de Vivre and cuisine. The French Riviera, known as a playground for the rich and famous, is full of energy during the glamorous vacation destination tourist season. Private beaches, high-end restaurants, and five-star hotels have seaside elegance as well as grand holiday villas and impressive boats in the harbor. One of the most attractive regions in France, for its search for exceptional food and wine combined with fascinating history and culture.

Top tourist attraction places to visit in French Riviera

French Riviera Tourist places - yatraworld

French Riviera is a best vaction spot, and there are many famous tourist attraction destination and things to do in Cote d'Azur are Hilltop Village of Eze, Monaco, Cannes Beaches, Saint-Tropez, Promenade des Anglais, Nice, Ephrussi de Rothschild Villa and Gardens, Cap-Ferrat, Menton, Antibes Beaches, Beaulieu-sur-Mer and Villefranche-sur-Mer, Ile de Porquerolles, etc.

7. Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint Michel Tour - Yatraworld

The island of Mont Saint-Michel spread over 240 acres, and its magnificent abbey are among the most striking sites in France. Saint-Michel, located at the highest point of the rocky islet, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. One of the most beautiful sites in the whole of France, this island takes you back in time. Looking like a fortress surrounded by ancient walls and strongholds, Mont Saint-Michel appears as a mysterious island from afar. One of the most awe-inspiring Gothic churches ever built, 155 meters above the sea. Legend has it that Archbishop Aubert founded an abbey here in 708 after Archbishop Michael's vision, making it an important place.

Top tourist attraction places to visit in Mont Saint-Michel

Mont saint michel tourist places - yatraworld

Mont Saint Michel is a tiny island, but has many attraction destoinations and things. The top tourist attraction places and things to do in Mont Saint Michel are Abbaye du Mont Saint-Michel, Ramparts, Grand Rue, Mont Saint-Michel Pilgrimages, La Mère Poulard, Eglise Paroissiale Saint-Pierre, Barrage sur le Couesnon, La Chapelle- Saint-Aubert, etc.

Mont Saint-Michel Trip Cost

Mont Saint-Michel trip usually is 1- 2 days tour destination. A trip to Mont Saint-Michel costs you an average of around $ 149 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 1045. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in the Mont Saint-Michel is $ 135. So, a trip to Mont Saint-Michel for two people for a week costs an average of $ 2,085.

8. Strasbourg

Strasbourg Tour - yatraworld

Strasbourg, the capital and largest city of the Grand Est region of France, has a distinctive Old World character. Strasbourg has enriched itself with an extraordinary collection of fine arts, archeology, and traditional Alsian crafts over 2,000 years of history. Along with the development of art and education in the 13th century of the Holy Roman Empire, Strasbourg became the richest city. Despite being located in Strasbourg France, one of Europe's largest medieval quarters, cobbler squares, attractive half-timbered houses, its German roots is still very clear. Its food is an interesting mixture of German and French influences.

Top tourist attraction places to visit in Strasbourg

Strasbourg tourist places - Yatraworld

Strasbourg is a beautiful destination to visit. The tourist attraction destinations and things to do in Strasbourg are Saint-Pierre Le Jeune Church, Palais Rohan, Pont Couverts, European Parliament, Christmas Markets, Place Kleber, Musee Alsacien, Parc de l'Orangerie, Barrage Vauban, Strasbourg Cathedral, Petite France , Modern and Contemporary Art Museum, L'Oeuvre Notre-Dame Museum, Historical Museum - Ancienne Grande Boucherie, Rohan Palace, Storks, Gutenberg Square, The Great Mosque, The Vauban Dam, The Garden of Two Shores, Boat Tour etc.

Strasbourg Trip Cost

A trip to Strasbourg costs you an average of around $ 100 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 1045. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Strasbourg is $ 93. So, a trip to Strasbourg for two people for a week costs an average of $ 1,403.

9. Tours

Tours tour - yatraworld

Tours are a favorite base for people exploring grand cathedrals and cloisters, modern shopping streets, and many other important monuments. The historic center of the old city is one of the main attractions in Tours. Beautiful wooden houses from the 12th to the 15th century, along with the Rue du Commerce also feature attractive features of carved figures on the front of the house. With open-air seating, the square café is a great place to sit and drink.

Top tourist attraction places to visit in Tours

Tours tourist places - yatraworld

The best things in Tours make for a very interesting and enjoyable destination to discover and see. The tourist attraction destinations and things to do in tours are Tours Cathedral, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Tours, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Tours, Le Vieux Tours, Musée du Compagnonnage, Hôtel Goüin, Halles de Tours, Jardin des Prébendes d ' Oé, Église Saint-Julien de Tours, "Toue" River Cruises, Loire à Vélo, Guinguette sur Loire, Wine and Gastronmic Visits, Château de Villandry, Château d'Amboise etc.

Tours Trip Cost

A trip to Tours costs you an average of around $ 183 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 1045. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Tours is $ 219. So, a trip to tours for two people for a week costs an average of $ 2,506.

10. Corsica

Corsica Tour - Yatraworld

Corsica "Island of Beauty" is a paradise for beach lovers, pedestrians, and outdoor sports lovers. The expanse of pristine forests, stunning seaside views, snow-capped mountains, attractive port cities, and picturesque hill villages are the attractions of the island. Corsica island is part of France since 1769. Corsica has developed its unique culture over the centuries. Chestnut polta, strong spicy cheeses, and chestnut cookies have special characteristics in the cuisine here. The island boasts 1,000 kilometers of coastline with translucent waters for snorkeling or scuba diving, and one can see some of Europe's most inspiring rugged landscapes.

Top tourist attraction places to visit in Corsica

Corsica Tourist places - Yatraworld

Corsica is a beautiful tourist attraction island. The top tourist attraction destination and things to do in Corsica are Ajaccio, Bonifacio, Calvi, Bastia, Cap Corse, Sant'Antonino, Sartène, Beaches near Porto Vecchio, Village of Piana and Calanques de Piana, Castagniccia Region, Réserve Naturelle des Bouches de Bonifacio, Belgodère, Réserve Naturelle de Scandola, Désert des Agriates, Extreme Hiking on the GR20 Trail, etc.

Corsica Trip Cost

A trip to Corsica costs you an average of around $ 115 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 106. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Corsica is $ 106. So, a trip to Corsica for two people for a week costs an average of $ 1,609.

France is a one of the most tourist attraction country in the world. There are so many tourist places to visit. The others tourist attraction cities and destinations of France are Chamonix, Saint-Tropez, Saint-Tropez, Lyon, Colmar, Lake Geneva, Carcassonne, Versailles, Arles, Arles, Brittany, Aix-en-Provence, Aix-en-Provence, Annecy , Saint-Malo, Antibes, Verdon Gorge, Montpellier, Rouen, Menton, etc.

France is a complete tour package for adventure, wildlife, heritage, historic romantic, beach, family trips. You can plan a France vacation trip with friends, family, solo, and a couple of honeymoon holidays.

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