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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Bulgaria Top Tourist Cities Attractions Destination and Trip Cost

 Bulgaria, officially the Republic of Bulgaria, founded in the 7th century, is a country located on the eastern side of the Balkan peninsula in the Bulgarian Republica Buglia, southeastern Europe. Bulgaria is one of the oldest states in the European continent. It is bordered by the Black Sea in southeast Europe. The country has an area of ​​110,879 sq km, and Bulgaria has a population of about 7.25 million. Sofia, the largest city and capital of Bulgaria, has a population of 1.3 million. The country of Bulgaria shares international borders with Greece, the Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Turkey.

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Bulgaria Climate

Most of Bulgaria has a moderate continental climate, and the average annual temperature is 51 ° F (10.5 ° C), with average annual rainfall ranging from about 18 inches (450 mm) in the northeast to 47 inches (1,190 mm) in the highest mountains. The lowlands receive snowfall from mid-October to mid-May, due to which the annual average is covered with snow for 25-30 days. Hailstorms occur between May and August.

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Bulgaria Language and Culture

The Bulgarian language is the main colloquial language here. The Bulgarian is written in the Cyrillic alphabet. The diversity of religious traditions in Bulgaria can be traced to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In the 10th – 19th centuries, the Earnest Church of Sophia, located outside of Christianity, features medieval religious artwork.

Bulgaria Tourist Attractions

Bulgaria is full of natural beauty and cultural richness with diverse landscapes and depth of history. Home to the picturesque mountains, with high rocky peaks you can see the endangered animal roaming in the vast national park. Bold and beautiful-looking, with relics of Soviet rule, is the top tourist attraction center in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a country with picturesque landscapes along the coast of the Black Sea. Mountains, rivers and beaches and blue sea, beautiful cities and resorts are the main attractions of Bulgaria, which fascinates travelers. From castles to forts, museums to amusement parks; There are innumerable places to visit in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is the perfect holiday place to visit with your family and friends.

Bulgaria Tourist Cities and their tourist spots

The long, sandy beaches and holiday season in Bulgaria's Black Sea resort each summer. This unique blend of culture, customs, traditions, art, and a holistic way of life is not to be found apart from the cities of Bulgaria. With cheap flights to Bulgaria, you can join the journey to this beautiful country, which is more important than other countries. So let's know about the top tourist cities in Bulgaria, which are very good for traveling in Bulgaria.

1. Sofia

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Bulgaria's capital Sofia, as traveling arts and culture, has emerged as a major art center in Europe. This alone makes it a tourist destination. In many of Sofia's monuments, you cannot get out of the stories of their historical splendor. The view of Mount Vitosh is a marvelous pane filled with amazing lakes Sofia, Bulgaria's wonderful moments.

Top Tourist Place to visit in Sofia

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Alexander Nevsky Cathedral: - The place of 10,000 people inside St. Alexander Nevsky makes it the second-largest church in the Hah Balkan region. This church, built in the 1880s, has a great deal of Sophia's grand architecture. The great picture of the saints, the huge wooden doors, and the picture of Providence drawn on the roof is a great attraction for all tourists.

St. George Rotunda: - The oldest building in modern Sofia and the heart of ancient Serdica, this red brick church was built in the 300s. This building is safe even after this time. You can see detailed medieval frescoes painted by the Ottomans when the church was converted into a mosque in the 1600s.

Vitosha Boulevard: - A group of all posh boutiques and fashion houses, Vitosha Boulevard is the most luxurious street in the city. The Vitosha Mountain building is also the largest shopping market here, this building is covered with snow dust for most of the year. The outdoor seating area at the cafe along the pedestrian street is a good place to spend six hours.

St. Sofia Church: - The city of Sofia was named this church during the Second Bulgarian Empire in the 1300s. The church, more than a century old, was founded in the 500s on top of the necropolis of the ancient city of Serdica. While traveling, you can see the remains of this ancient church and the mausoleums that are more than 1500 years old.

Boyana Church: - A UNESCO heritage site Boyana Church is on the lower slope of the Vitosha Mountains. The location of this medieval church is almost like a dream in a grove with tall softwood trees in a quiet suburb of the city. The Boyana Church was built in three phases from the 1200s to the 1800s.

Boris' Garden: - For more quiet recreation one can visit Boris's garden, granting a wide assortment of monuments, plants, and its private observatory. It is a place to be enchanted in the serene embrace of nature, one will always feel happy to reach everyone in the sack garden.

Vitosha Mountain: - The Vitosha mountain is a monumental peek in the nature park, climbing over 2,200 meters behind the southwestern suburbs of Sofia. With the Shimonovo gondola lift, you can easily reach the ski resort of Vitosha mountain. From there the walk to Vitosa's Black Peak becomes surprisingly light and easy.

National Palace of Culture: - National Palace of Culture was built in the year 1981 as a part of the heritage collection of 1300 years of the history of Bulgaria. Many cultural exhibitions are held in its thirteen halls. LA exhibitions, The Day of the Book, music concerts, folklore performances, art performances, and more are all you can see in this 123000 square meters eight-story area.

National Theater Ivan Vazov: - National Park Ivan Vazov is a popular summer place for young people. After the sun sets, you will find people busy drinking this beer, laughing, and chatting. In winter, this place is the primary Christmas market. Fountains and decorative lighting on the front of the theater add beauty to the surrounding environment.

The many other tourist attractions places of Sofia are the National Institute of Archeology, National Historical Museum, Borisova gradina, Serdica Amphitheater, Central Mineral Baths, Park Vrana, The Synagogue, Banya Bashi Mosque, The Mineral Bath, The Largo, Sofia University, Metro Station Serdika, etc.

Sofia trip cost

A trip to Sofia costs you an average of around $ 55 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 385. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Sofia is $ 69. So, a trip to Sofia for two people for a week costs an average of $ 773.

2. Plovdiv

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There is no tourist town in Bulgaria other than Plovdiv, the city with the longest historical dynasty. The city of Plovdiv has been inhabited since the 6th century BC. It is a center of attraction for history enthusiasts and archeology lovers. Looking at the stunning Rhodope mountain range and Balkan mountains, you will definitely feel thrilled. Plovdiv is one of the best options for your trip in Bulgaria.

Top Tourist Place to visit in Plovdiv

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Ancient Theater of Philippopolis: - The ancient Roman amphitheater built 2000 years ago is the best-preserved and most influential landmark of the old city of its kind in the world. Built-in the 1st century AD, this place with a seating capacity of 7000 people serves as a magical venue for concerts and opera performances.

Plovdiv Roman Stadium: - This ancient Roman stadium could accommodate 30,000 spectators and hosted sports events with music and art competitions. Its best views can be taken from Dzhumaya Square, from where you can see the railings to a large part of the stadium seating. Built-in the 2nd century AD during the reign of Hadrian, this grand masterpiece of the past gives tourists an endless insight into the magnificent past.

Kapana Creative District: - Kapana Creative District has been developed as a cultural and creative center. Featuring quirky street art, quaint walking trails, and a priceless vibe plus its labyrinthine cross-crossing streets, the Kapana creative district is filled with art galleries, quaint cafes, craft beer bars, and charming shops. The Kapana Art District is the best place in Plovdiv to peer into the city's artistic core and experience its essence.

Plovdiv Old Town: - Most of the houses in the part of the city of Plovdiv Old Town, especially on Ultso Saborna, are half-timbered and some rich examples are painted in vivid colors. The traditional house Plovdiv's road to Rome's ruins is a joyous car-free cobblestone street. In the mid-1800s, it took six months to hand-paint the mural in just one room at Stepan Hindliyan's House.

Regional Ethnographic Museum: - One of the most impressive mansions in Plovdiv, one of the best places to visit in the city. The splendid curated museum with many magnificent gardens and knowledgeable staff gives you a wonderful visual journey through the lives of artisans, traders, and farmers of Plovdiv.

Bachkovo Monastery: - Bachkovo Monastery, founded in 1083, is located in the southeastern part of the outside Plovdiv. Bachkovo is the second-largest and oldest Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria, with Bulgarian, Georgian, and Byzantine religious traditions. Brought here from Georgia in the early 14th century, an icon of the Holy Virgin Mary is inside the Virgin Church.

Nebet Tepe: - 15-20 minutes walk from the old city, you visit Nebet Tepe, the best place in the immersed Plovdiv in history. Walking to the Nebat Tipu archaeological site with the scattered ruins of Eumolpias, an ancient Thracian settlement, you can explore many of the city's attractions. One can experience the spectacular views of the sunset from the 'hill prayer hill', situated on a hill.

Ancient Philippopolis: - Two main roads next to the post office of Plovdiv, Cardo Maximus and Decmanus Maximus are the remains of a Roman forum in the nearby city. It is a great experience to go through three grand arches or profiles.

The many others tourist attraction destinations of Plovdiv are Bachkovo Monastery, Regional Ethnographic Museum, Mevlevi Hane, The Clock Tower, Asen’s Fortress, Church of St. Konstantin and Elena, Dzhumaya Mosque, Plovdiv Aviation Museum, Walk Plovdiv’s Hills, Traditional Bulgarian fare, Mavrud Wine and Rakia, Garden of Tsar Simeon’s and the Singing Fountains, Balabanov’s House, Plovdiv National Archaeological Museum, etc.

Plovdiv Trip Cost

A trip to Plovdiv costs you an average of around $ 69 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 483. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Plovdiv is $ 75. So, a trip to Plovdiv for two people for a week costs an average of $ 960.

3. Nessebar

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Nebbar features a unique cultural milestone on the travel map of Bulgaria. Nebbar has many classic beachside resorts with a large number of historic churches and other monuments. St. Stephen's Church and Christ Pantocrat Church are the most famous landmarks here. Sunny Beach is the most awe-inspiring destination in Nessebar, taking you to the beauty of the Black Sea. It is the most preferred place to thrill many visitors and tourists during the peak season.

Top Tourist Place to visit in Nessebar

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Sunny Beach: - A prominent beach on the Black Sea coast of Slanchev Bryg Bulgaria, Sunny Beach is the country's largest tourist attraction and holiday destination. Created in 1958 as a weekend holiday for Bulgarian families, the beach today has evolved to include a large variety of recreational activities and services, gambling establishments as well as sports and music paradigms. Its rapid growth makes it the biggest attraction on the entire Black Sea coast.

Church of Saint Sophia: - Church of Saint Sophia, an Eastern Orthodox Church in Nessebar, Eastern Bulgaria, also known as Old Bishopric. It is part of Bulgaria's 100 tourist sites and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

Aquapark Nessebar: - Aqua Paradise Water Park, with an area of ​​46,000 square meters, is a famous aquapark in the historic city of Nessebar, Bulgaria. Aquapark was established in 2006.

Church of Christ Pantokrator: - The Church of Christ Pantokrator is a medieval Eastern Orthodox Church in the eastern Bulgarian city of Nessebar. Built-in the 13th-14th century, this church is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the best-preserved churches of the Middle Ages of Bulgaria, today is an art gallery, largely intact.

Archaeological Museum: - Nestor Archaeological Museum, located on the Black Sea coast of southeast Bulgaria, is a museum located in Nessebar.

St. Stefan: - A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of 100 national tourist sites, St. Stephen's Church is a former Orthodox Church in Nessebar, Eastern Bulgaria, which has now been converted into a museum. The church has been renovated and expanded many times and is difficult to date. The eastern part is the oldest and probably the 11th century. The church was enlarged a few centuries later by demolishing the western wall, adding a new structure to the west.

Church of the Holy Mother Eleusa: - Located in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Nessebar in Bulgaria, The Holy Mother of God Eleusa, Nesar, is a former monastic church which is and is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title "Eleusa". This church, built in the 6th century, was destroyed by an earthquake, and the northern part and the middle cave were submerged in the sea. But it was well preserved, starting excavations and research here in 1920.

The many others tourist attraction destinations of Nessebar are Church "Dormition of Theotokos", The Windmill, South Beach Nessebar, The Old Fountain, Church of Saint John the Baptist, Nessebar Film M├╝zesi, Pirates of the Caribbean - mini waterpark, Nessebar Ethnographic Museum, Spectrum Beach, Statue of St. Nicholas, Venid Beach, Aqua Park Atlantida, DiVes Estate Winery, etc.

Nessebar Trip Cost

A trip to Nessebar costs you an average of around $ 75 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 526. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Nessebar is $ 75. So, a trip to Nessebar for two people for a week costs an average of $ 945.

4. Varna

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Varna is one of the most famous cities in Bulgaria. Its beautiful tourist spots are a group of tourist attractions. You can see the oldest gold in the world at the Varna Archaeological Museum, as well as plenty to visit in Varna. A visit to the Cathedral or Baroque Opera of the Virgin is also a major tourist attraction. High-level adrenaline offers exciting and incredible attractions, from top-tier bars and restaurants to spa treatments for adventure sports. If you are looking for an all-round travel experience then Varna is the best place to visit in Bulgaria.

Top Tourist Attractions Destination to Visit in Varna

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The Sea Garden (Seaside Park): - Sea garden in Varna is the most favorite place to visit. Tourists can experience various dolphinariums, aquariums, maritime museums, and more. The park offers a huge zoo as well as tourists enjoying the extreme pleasure of visiting the Sea Garden during the day. After sunset, this place looks even more amazing.

Archaeological Museum: - The Archaeological Museum of Varna City's precious artifacts is a must-see. A collection of gold and precious objects recovered from the necropolis 6,500 years ago is located in this museum in Varna.

Cape Galata: - The tourist destination is one of the most breathtaking places in the city and one of the hottest places to visit in Varna Bulgaria. Varna can see the city and the whole area on the beach as far as Helena and St. Constantine, a secluded favorite spot. This natural area is definitely a favorite place for tourists to shoot the most beautiful camera.

Varna Sea Port: - The port of Varna is a recommended area for relaxation and outing. One can also enjoy delicious breakfast in the cafes and restaurants here. From the mountain of the breakwater, the trek towards the lighthouse will merge you with the northern part of the beach from Asparahovo, Cape Galletta.

Aladzha Monastery: - is a wonderfully conservative cave monastery complex in a protected natural area just beyond the northeastern suburbs of Varna. These 25 m high caves are man-made, which survived very well.

The many other tourist attraction destinations of Varna are Varna Cathedral, Battle of Varna Park Museum, Stone Forest, Varna Roman Baths, Retro Museum, University Botanical Garden, The Wonderful Rocks, Barite Complex, Museum of the History of Medicine, Euxinograd, Golden Sands, Amusement Park Varna, Central Beach - Seaside Alley, Saint Athanasius Church, Stoyan Bachvarov Theater, Mother of God Cathedral's Dormition, Varna, Roman Theater, National Maritime Museum, State Puppet Theater Varna, Palace of Culture and Sports, Ethnographic Museum, Euxinograd Palace, Petrified Forest (Stone forest), etc.

Varna Trip Cost

A trip to Varna costs you an average of around $ 56 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 392. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Varna is $ 60. So, a trip to Varna for two people for a week costs an average of $ 783.

5. Sozopol

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First established by the Greeks in the 6th century BC as a large arts and religion center, Sozopol is a major historical city in Bulgaria. Has gained immense popularity overtime for its cultural art. Apart from all the historical gems of the city, one can also take to the Christian complex on the beach and the stunning Szopol beaches and cobblestone walk. The vibrant nightlife here is extremely popular among tourists.

Top Tourist Attractions Destination to Visit in Sozopol

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Sozopol Old Town: - The oldest Bulgarian city by the sea, the old city of Sozopol is an architectural reserve. Sozopol is the most popular tourist destination on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The old city of Sozopol is situated 35 km south of Burgas on a rocky peninsula. It has little or no footpaths, churches, ancient houses, and many small hotels, shops, galleries, restaurants, and narrow stony streets with street vendors and artists, much like most preserved 'old towns'. Medieval and ancient ruins can be seen here at no charge.

St. Thomas Island: - St. Thomas Island or Zamiski Ostrov, an area of ​​0.012 square kilometers, is a Bulgarian island in Sozopol, 15 kilometers south of the Black Sea. Wild cacti are one of the very few places in Bulgaria to grow. The island of St. Thomas is named after a chapel dedicated to St. Thomas that once existed on it.

The Castle of Ravadinovo: - Located a few kilometers from Sozopol, the palace of Ravadinovo is a magnificent attraction. Its architectural design is unusual, with a statement given by a visitor - 'This is the most unusual building in the most unusual place'. You can see swans floating calmly on the surface of clear water, sitting near the lake, having a cup of coffee here.

St. Ivan Island: - St. Ivan's Island with an area of ​​0.66 square kilometers is the largest Bulgarian island in the Black Sea. The island, standing at an altitude of 33 meters above sea level, is a city with a rich history and a popular tourist destination. It is the highest of the Bulgarian sea islands.

Sozopol Central Beach: - For environmentally friendly beaches, Central Beach of Sozopol has received the honor of one of the most eco-friendly beaches in the world. It is a favorite place for tourists to relax and spend their vacation.

The many other tourist attractions destinations of Sozopol are Kavatsite, St. Cyricus Island, Sozopol Central Beach, Archaeological Museum, Alepu, St. Peter Island, Ethnographic Museum, The Old Town of Sozopol, Budjaka, Sozopol, Drivers' Beach, etc.

Sozopol Trip Cost

A trip to Sozopol costs you an average of around $ 55 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 385. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Sozopol is $ 58. So, a trip to Sozopol for two people for a week costs an average of $ 791.


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Burgas is another important entry in our list of the best cities in Bulgaria. This largest port in Bulgaria is named after Burgas Bay. Burgas is a great place to relax by the sea. For the more experienced travelers in Bulgaria, Burgas is the perfect option for a good time if you are looking for a very un-camper.

Top Tourist Attractions Destination to Visit in Burgas

Burgas Tourist place - yatraworld

Burgus has many historical, culture and beaches tourist places which attracts the tourist. The top tourist attraction places of Burgas are the shopping streets, State Puppet Theater, Coastal Lake, Atanasovsko Lake, Aquae Calidae, The Pier, The Gramophone, The Lighthouse, The Sea Garden, The Sand Festival, Expo Center Flora, Sea Casino Cultural Center, Museum of Aviation, Ethnographic Museum, History Museum, Archaeological Museum, Natural History Museum, Saint Cyril and Methodius Cathedral, etc.

Burgus Trip Cost

A trip to Burgus costs you an average of around $ 36 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 252. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Burgus is $ 66. So, a trip to Burgus for two people for a week costs an average of $ 714.

7. Veliko Tarnovo

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The Russian monarchy has long been driven out of Bulgaria, but it still has historical traces in Veliko Tarnovo. Veliko Tarnovo is also known as the 'City of Czars'. There is a huge fort over 3000 feet with stone walls. Around the fort, you can see the sightseeing around the fort on the picturesque hills. Among the many highlights of this place is the famous monastery of the holy conversion of God. If you want a rich tour of the royal past of Bulgaria in particular, Veliko Tarnovo is a very important destination for you.

Top Tourist Attractions Destination to Visit in Veliko Tarnovo

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Veliko Tarnovo has many historical, culture and beaches tourist places which attracts the tourist most. The top tourist attraction places of Veliko Tarnovo are Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration of God, Tsaravets Fortress, Forty Martyrs Church and Asen’s Monument, etc.

Veliko Tarnovo Trip Cost

A trip to Veliko Tarnovo costs you an average of around $ 61 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 427. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Veliko Tarnovo is $ 55. So, a trip to Veliko Tarnovo for two people for a week costs an average of $ 812.

Bulgaria is a complete tour package destination because you can go for family, friends, couple and solo vacations here. There are many wonderful tourist destination attractions to visit in Bulgaria, So you must visit here and enjoy a magnificent trip.

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