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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Bolivia Cities Top Tourist attraction destinations and Trip Cost

Bolivia, a country in west-central South America, spans approximately 950 miles (1,500 km) north-south and 800 miles (1,300 km) east-west. Bolivia is surrounded by Brazil to the north and east, Paraguay to the south, Argentina to the south, Chile to the southwest and west, and Peru to the northwest. Bolivia has shared South America's second-largest lake Titicaca with Peru. The Supreme Court has been established in Sucre, the historic city and the constitutional capital of Bolivia. But Bolivia's administrative capital is La Paz, where there are executive and legislative branches of government functioning.

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Only one-third of the Bolivian region is located in the Andes Mountains but is traditionally considered a highland country as most of the country's major cities are located there.

Bolivia Language, Culture and Climate

The mountainous western region of Bolivia is one of the highest areas in the world. Bolivia's population is approximately 12 million today. The official language of Bolivia is Spanish, but many other indigenous languages ​​are also spoken here, mainly Aymara, Quechua, Chiquitano, and Tupi Guarani; Bolivian sign language and plagidites. About 36 distinct languages ​​are spoken here.

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The weather in Bolivia varies greatly from the equatorial lowland regions to the Arctic cold. There is a rainy season between December and March. But the rainfall varies greatly in mountainous areas with high altitude. The average temperature here is between 45 and 52 ° F (7 and 11 ° C) during the day, sometimes reaching 60 ° F (16 ° C), but at night and in the winter season the temperature is very high drops below. Remarkably clear air and cloudless sky bring distant peaks into focus rapidly.

Bolivia Tourist attractions and place to visit in Bolivia

One of the least traveled and most secluded destinations in the world, there is no other country like Bolivia. The unique cultures, vibrant cities, bustling markets, fun-filled festivals, surreal landscapes, and adrenaline-pumping activities will not leave you apart from Bolivia.

Bolivia is known for its incredible sights and some fascinating breathing sites. In this beautiful country, there are many beautiful places, where a large number of tourists come to enjoy a good holiday, Bolivia has some great places to visit, whose real beauty is a must-see.

1. La Paz

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La Paz is reputed to be some very beautiful and unique place worth visiting. This city of Bolivia with an excellent economic and political center, the magnificent city is the most popular tourist attraction, riding in cable cars in a small beautiful valley at an altitude of 3,600 and 4,000 meters above sea level. It is a good place to travel with a solo traveler, couple, friends, or family.

Top Tourist Attractions Places to visit in La Paz

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The Witches 'Market: - The Witches' market, also known as El Mercado de las Bruges and La Hechiceria, is a popular tourist attraction located in La Paz, Bolivia. Merchandise sold at The Witcher's Market includes medicinal plants such as dried frogs, rata, and armadillos, a medicine used in Bolivian customs. All these things are sold in the market by local witch doctors known as Yatiri. The most famous item in the witches' market is the embryo of the dried lama.

Valle de la Luna: - Valle de la Luna, located in Pedro Domingo Murillo Province, La Paz Department, Bolivia, about 10 kilometers from La Paz. There is an area here that has been eroded by erosion, which is mainly made of mud instead of rock. Another area similar to La Paz is known as El Valle de las Animas, which is an important holiday destination.

Plaza Murillo: - Plaza Murillo La Paz The central plains of the city are most associated with the political life of Bolivia. Located in the old city of the city, or Casco Viejo, the major buildings on the plaza include the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the National Congress of Bolivia and the Cathedral of La Paz. Are included. Plaza Murillo is surrounded by Sukbaya Street on the west, Ayachuko Street on the east, Comerica Street on the south, and Ingwi and Ballivan Streets on the north.

North Yungas Road: - The Yungas Road connecting La Paz city and the Yungas region of Bolivia is a cycle route of about 60 km. Downhill mountain biking is the main attraction of about 25,000 tourists per year in La Paz.

Illimani: - Located on the eastern edge of Altiplano near the city of La Paz, Illimani is the highest mountain in the Cordillera Real of western Bolivia. It is the eighteenth highest peak in South America and the second-highest in Bolivia after Nevada Sajama. Illimani is quite visible from the city of El Alto and La Paz.

Church of San Francisco: - Plaza San Francisco, San Francisco's Basilica in the city of La Paz, Bolivia, is a Catholic church under the advice of Francis of Assisi, located in the center of the city. Its tower was built at the end of the 19th century, but the building was built between 1743–1772.

Tiwanaku: - One of the largest sites in South America, Tiwanaku is a pre-Columbian archaeological site in western Bolivia near Lake Titicaca. Presently, the lake covers a surface area of ​​4 square kilometers and includes decorated ceramics, memorial structures, and megalithic blocks. The modern name of Tivanku is related to the Aymara word typikala, meaning "stone at the center", with some believing the hypothesis that it is at the center of the world.

The many other top tourist attractions places of La Paz are Mirador Killi Killi, Calle Jaen, Basilica de San Francisco, Cholita Wrestling, Teleferico, Urban Rush, Mercado Rodriguez, Mercado 16 de Julio, Mirador Laikacota, Calle Jaen, Calle Sagarnaga and Linares, Nightlife, Museums, The world's highest golf course, San Pedro Prison, do Watch a football match and enjoy the amazing food activities, etc.

La Paz Trip Cost

A trip to La Paz costs you an average of around $ 24 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 168. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in La Paz is $ 20. So, a trip to La Paz for two people for a week costs an average of $ 340.

2. Sucre

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Sucre, known as "The White City", is one of the most beautiful cities in Bolivia. Due to the beauty and incredible charm of the Spanish city, it has been placed on the UNESCO list since 1991. The major attraction known as Cal Orck’o is a mountain, located outside the city. The mountain is completely covered with fossil dinosaur traces. Outside the city, it is the very beautiful eccentric pink Castillo de la Glorieta palace, which you can not forget.

Top Tourist Attractions Places to Visit in Sucre

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Freedom House: - Casa de la Libertad is a small but attractive museum dedicated to the history of Bolivia. In 1809, the scene of Latin America's first call for Sucre independence, this Freedom House houses a map of the Spanish colonies, the armor of conquest, swords, and surprisingly the original Argentine flag.

Cal Orck'o: - Impressive rocks, deep ravines, sacred mountains, and cheerful springs of crystalline waters are characteristic of Cal Orck'o. Registered 65 million years ago, a time in which most dinosaurs lived; You can see their remains before their extinction from the face of the earth.

Cal Orcko: - About 4.4 km of Sucre in the Altiplano / Cordillera Oriental in the Cal Orck'o Trackite El Molino Formation, allistic fossiliferous limestone with large, freshwater stromatolites and associated with nine levels of dinosaur tracks in the El Molino Formation, Appears in the wall of a mine. The site's high-resolution mapping has detected a total of 12,092 individual tracks across 465 trackways.

Sucre Cathedral: - The Metropolitan Cathedral of Sucre, built between 1559 and 1712, which is also the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Gadalupé, the church of Sucre. La Plata, formerly Bolivia, is the seat of the Roman Catholic Church in Bolivia.

The many other top tourist attraction places of Sucre are Cretaceous Park, Parque Bolivar, Monastery de La Recoleta, Plaza 25 de Mayo, Treasure Museum, Central Market, Museo de Arte Indígena ASUR, General Cemetery, Templo de San Felipe Neri, Carretera Sucre - Potosi, Siete Cascadas, Museo Colonial Charcas USFX, Siete Cascadas, Museo del Convento de la Recoleta, Museo USFXCH Dr. Alfredo Gutiérrez Valenzuela, Florida Mansion, Mirador de La Recoleta, Museo San Francisco de Asis, La Rotonda, Costumbrista museum "CASA DEHEZA", Basílica de San Francisco, Sucre, Bolivia, etc.

Sucre Trip Cost

A trip to Sucre costs you an average of around $ 23 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 168. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Sucre is $ 13. So, a trip to Sucre for two people for a week costs an average of $ 316.

3. Cochabamba

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One of the most populous cities in the country, Cochabamba is one of the least-visited cities in Bolivia, but it is sure the year-round spring-like climate makes it an ideal place to visit anytime during the year. Famous for eating delicious food, Bolivia is a place to relax and discover all the flavors. Going by a cableway up the small hill above the city to discover beautiful flowers in the Botanical Gardens or to see the Christ statue is all very exciting.

Top Tourist Attraction Places to Visit in Cochabamba

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Cristo de la Concordia: - The statue of Christ situated at the top of San Pedro Hill is to the east of Cristo de la Concordia Bolbaya. It can be reached by climbing 2,000 stairs or by cable car only. The idol is 36.220 meters high at an altitude of 6.28 meters and 70.4 meters at an altitude of 6.7 meters.

La Angostura Lake: - Laguna La Angostura is a lake in the Cochabamba Department, Bolivia, at an altitude of 2700 meters. Its surface area is 10.5 km².

Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian: - This metropolitan cathedral of St. Sebastian, located in Cochabamba, Bolivia at Plaza 14 de Septiembre, is the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Church in the archdiocese of Cochabamba.

The many other top tourist attractions places of Cochabamba are Palacio Portales, Plaza de Armas, September 14, Museo Convento Santa Teresa, Familia Park, Plaza Colón, Laguna Alalay, Parque Mariscal Santa Cruz, Family Park, Super Jump Park, Coña Coña, Proyecto mARTadero, Colina de San Sebastian, Martín Cárdenas Botanical Garden, Casona Santivañez Museum, PARQUE DE AVES Agroflori, Prehistorico Sacaba Park, Flags Plaza, Museo Arqueologico de la Universidad, Plaza Bolivar, Iglesia Santa Clara, Town Square, etc.

Cochabamba Trip Cost

A trip to Cochabamba costs you an average of around $ 24 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 168. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Cochabamba is $ 20. So, a trip to Cochabamba for two people for a week costs an average of $ 330.

4. Uyuni

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Uyuni city is one of the most beautiful places on earth. In Uyuni, you will see high snow-capped mountains, endless rocky deserts, an amazing colorful lagoon with pink, white, and gray flamingos. Cactus covered ancient coral islands, a cemetery for trains, and many attractions are worth visiting!

Top tourist attraction places to visit in Uyuni.

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Salar de Uyuni: - The White Beauty of the Salt Flats: - Salar de Uyuni is the number one reason for tourists to visit Bolivia. The white spaciousness and the water reflection of the salt flats offer you opportunities to shoot some great pictures. 70 percent of the world's lithium reserves, the world's largest salt flat, is Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni 3,659 meters (12,000 ft) above sea level. After a prehistoric inland ocean dried up, about 11000 square kilometers (about 4086 square miles) of the vast blind white salt desert had accumulated up to 120 meters. The Uyuni Salt Flat flocks people to see Bolivia's most popular tourist attraction. The sunset inside the salt flat is the biggest attraction as the sunset reflects the flats with brilliant colors. Magical Sunrise: Heavenly reflections and amazing reflections that make water truly enchant you.

Isla Incahuasi: - One of the main destinations of Uyuni tourism is the magnificent Isla Inkasi (Inkwasi or Inca DWI), it is an island in a sea of ​​salt with huge Trichosurus cacti. It is famous for its spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding salt flats. You can reach the top of the island by walking 15 minutes. At sunrise, the island is filled with colors when a long shadow falls over the Isla Incaahuasi Salar. Here you get a chance to enjoy excellent food in the cafe-restaurant.

Cementerio De Trenes: - In the 19th century, the project was abandoned in the midst of a major plan to build a large network of trains outside Uyuni, due to difficulties and tensions with indigenous communities. Trains and other equipment were left to rust when the project was abandoned. Those tourists now serve as a great backdrop for photoshoots.

Dakar Monument: - This large salt statue was built to pass the Dakar rally through Bolivia. A hotel named Playa Blanca, which now serves as a small cafe and exhibition hall. Here a mound of salt is decorated with flags brought by visitors from all over the world.

Aguas Termales de Polques: - This huge salty lagoon has open-air hot thermal water for bathing. It is famous for the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism, the temperature of this swimming pool water increases from 28 to 30 degrees.

The many other top tourist attraction of Uyani are Train Cemetery, Andes Salt Expeditions Tour Operator Uyuni Salt Flat Laguna, Plaza Principal Aniceto Arce, SENDA ANDINA, Avenida Ferroviaria, Salar de uyuni, Salt Flats, Clock Tower, etc.

Uyuni Trip Cost

A trip to Uyuni costs you an average of around $ 20 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 140. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Uyuni is $ 24. So, a trip to Uyuni for two people for a week costs an average of $ 374.

5. Potosi

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The entire story of the town of Potosí is tied to its silver. During the boom years, it became America's largest and wealthiest city, but when silver dried up, the city slipped into poverty with the city declining. However the mines of Cerro Rico are still functioning, and the mining has shifted from silver to other metals. The biggest attraction for tourists coming to Potosi is visiting the mines. As a UNESCO site collector, Potosí and Sucre are considered the richest cities in Bolivia due to their colonial history.

Top tourist attraction places to visit in Potosi

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Silver Mines of Potosi: - "Sumaz Orco", a wonderful mountain known as "Cerro Rico", is one of the main tourist attractions of the city. Since 1545, a large amount of silver has been extracted from this mountain. Visitors visit various galleries here where lead-silver, zinc-silver, and tin are extracted. Most of the galleries are about 240 meters below the ground, accessible only through a mine lift. The mountain has been continuously mined for 455 years and has about 300 mine entrances.

Torotoro National Park, Potosi: - Torotoro National Park is located in the province of Charaka, north of Potosi, with a surface of 16,570 hectares (166 km 2). The park, spread over 16,570 hectares (166 km2), is an authentic paradise for lovers of geology and paleontology since the track of large reptiles of the Mesozoic era. To reach Toro Toro National Park is about seven hours of rain and rain during the dry season. Traveling for a few hours more during the season can be termed.

Casa Nacional de la Moneda: - One of the most important buildings among the colonial architecture of South America, Casa de la Moneda is a huge, beautiful, and spectacularly beautiful building. Construction of this building began in 1750 and ended in 1773. Apart from furniture and other objects of historical interest, this mansion is considered a national monument with valuable specimens of paintings and sculptures stored.

Vergel Waterfall: - Vergel Waterfall offers its visitors a contrasting landscape followed by rocky valley formations. Exiting the edge of the cliff wall forms a quiet cave. Covering rock formations mimicking a green net, the place also makes it a lush green area filled with ferns, moss, lianas, and lichen.

The many others top tourist attractions of Potosi are Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, San Lorenzo Church, Potosí, Templo y Convento de Santa Teresa, Arco de Cobija, Cerro Rico, Plaza 10 de Noviembre, San Francisco, etc.

Potosi Trip Cost

A trip to Potosi costs you an average of around $ 18 per day on your vacation, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. The average per capita carefully for a week would be close to $ 135. The cost of travel also depends on you. In addition, the average hotel price for a couple in Potosi is $ 22. So, a trip to Potosi for two people for a week costs an average of $ 380.

Bolivia is an underated tourist country but it is very beautiful and top tourist attraction destination. The other tourist destinations of Bolivia are Lake Titicaca, Copacabana, Isla del Sol, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Laguna Colorada, Cochabamba, Rurrenabaque, Laguna Verde, Coroico, El Alto, Samaipata, Tupiza, Colchani, Cordillera Real, Torotoro, Tarija, Trinidad city, Cobija, etc.

If you plan something interesting trip than Bolivia is a perfect destination for you. You can go with your family, friends, a couple and a Solo trip.

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