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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Rajasthan: India's Most Desirable Tourist Place

India is a vast country with diverse religions and cultures. There are so many dialects and languages ​​that there is a saying that dialect will change after 100 km and language can change in 500 km. The diverse culture and beauty of this place will fascinate your mind. You can roam around comfortably and spend some quality time with your loved ones on a family vacation. It is also completely safe for solo travelers.

Rajasthan is known as one of the largest deserts in Asia, but you will be surprised to see so many lakes and more beautifully designed palaces here. Rajasthan is the state of India's most beautiful culture and art. The historical palace and kilo here have a unique texture and workmanship. These palaces of emperors are tourist attractions of Rajasthan. There are many lakes in the amazing life forms developed and found by the rulers of the area. Palaces were built in some of them. In the old days when there were no fans or ACs, but the water from these lakes was cleverly used to cool the walls of these palaces to keep the interiors cool. If we can do this in today's world, then we will be very environmentally friendly.

Rajasthani culture

rajasthani culture - yatraworld

The culture of India's most beautiful state Rajasthan is famous all over the world. The culture of Rajasthan is a contribution of various rulers and communities. The Thar Desert, camel rides, ghoomar and kalbeliya dances and colorful traditional costumes come in front of our eyes as the name of Rajasthan. This state is known for its gentle nature and gracious hospitality. Whether indigenous or foreign, the culture here will easily fascinate anyone's mind. Those who have experienced the culture of Rajasthan are very happy.

 Rajasthani clothing

Rajasthani Clothing - YatraWorld

When it comes to linking civilization and beauty together, nothing remains next to Rajasthani clothes. Traditional Rajasthani clothes for women are quite decent, beautiful, and comfortable. The women here wear traditional ghagra, choli, and odhani (dupatta). These women's clothes are bright-colored, with a Gota (border). At the same time, men prefer to wear dhoti kurta or kurta pajamas. Apart from this, some men also wear a cotton cloth turban with a bandage print on the head.

Rajasthani Jewelry

Rajasthani Jewelry - YatraWorld

Rajasthani jewelry is now becoming famous all over the world. Both men and women wear these ornaments. In Rajasthan, you will find many people wearing gold chains around their neck, huge bangles with men in hand, and gold earrings or cloves in one ear. Here, women's jewelry is famous. Borla is the most liked ornament of women. Borla is a type of demand vaccine that resembles a braid in appearance. It is one of the traditional jewelry of Rajasthan. Apart from this, women also wear bracelets, waistbands, armbands and lacquers, and oyster bracelets.

Rajasthani Dance

Rajasthani Dance - YatraWorld

  The name 'Ghoomar' comes first in Rajasthani dance. Here only women are able to perform Ghoomar dance with ease. This dance may seem easy to watch but it requires a lot of strength in the feet. Kalbeliya dance is not performed by the common people as it also performs many dangerous duties for the entertainment of the people such as dancing on the nails, lifting the blade with the eyes and rolling the finger on one finger, etc. All these duties require months of practice.

Rajasthani Food

Rajasthani Food - YatraWorld

Everyone is fond of food, but if you come to Rajasthan and do not eat traditional food here then it will be a matter of great regret. Here you will see more inclination towards vegetarian food. Rajasthan dal, chilli bada, onion kachori, mawa kachori, mawa kachori, bajra ki raab, kadhi rice, baati and ghevar in sweet, moong dal pudding, kalakand, churma as well as Jalajira for drinking, Masala chhaj is famous in every corner of the country. The hot wick dipped in ghee with lentils and the hot churma with ghee as a sweet, only makes the mouth water.

Famous festivals of Rajasthan

Rajasthani Festivals - YatraWorld

Some of Rajasthan's most famous festivals, such as Desert Festival. Desert Festival in Jaisalmer, where colorful games are held. Here, mustaches are fought between men, and camel games are shown and played. This festival is held in February. Camel Fair: The Camel Fair held in Bikaner, Rajasthan is held every year in honor of the camel, which is considered a ship of the desert. In this fair, camels are decorated like any bride. Apart from this, a camel race is organized. Rajasthani songs are also played at the fair to entertain the people. At the end of the fair, the sky is lit with fireworks. This camel fair to be held in Bikaner is held in January every year. Pushkar fair which is organized every year and in which more than three lakh people and about twenty thousand camels, horses, and handmade house decorating shops will be seen. The Pushkar fair takes place every year in the month of November in Pushkar.

Rajasthan Top Tourist Attraction City and Places

Rajasthan state is a complete tourist place in itself, but we are going to tell you about some tourist cities and places that are very famous -

1. Jaipur

Jaipur Rajasthan - Yatraworld

Jaipur The capital of the royal Rajasthan state, also known as the 'Pink City', was ruled by the Rajputs for many centuries and developed into a full-fledged city in the 17th century AD. Along with Delhi and Agra, Jaipur forms the Golden Triangle and is one of the most famous tourist circuits in the country.

The Pink City is known for its old-world charm. Jaipur is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, including Amer Fort and Jantar Mantar, with many magnificent forts, palaces, temples and museums and local markets where you can shop for items of your choice. Popular markets in the city include Bapu Bazaar, Tripolia Bazaar, and Johri Bazaar.

Jaipur is equipped with all the modern amenities along with some of the best foreign hotels and resorts in the world. The city is very well connected by international airports as well as by rail and road. Traffic facilities including metro, local buses, auto-rickshaws, and Uber and Ola taxis are very good.

Majestic buildings, magnificent forts, and palaces, tales of valor battles, and multifaceted character, Jaipur has long been one of the most spectacular cultural jewels in the history of the Indian subcontinent. Along with its superb hospitality, Jaipur offers a lot of options for travelers.

Tourist Attraction of Jaipur

Some Tourist Attractions in Jaipur Nahargarh, Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Moti Dungri, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, City Palace of Jaipur, Royal Gaitor, Iswari Minar Swarga Sal, Ganesh Pol, Diwan-e-Khas Hall, Panna Meena ka Kund, Jaipur Wax Museum, Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing, Maharaja Sawai Mansingh II Museum, Central Museum, SRC Museum of Indology, Doll Museum, Surya Mandir, Galtaji, Ganesh Temple, Jantar Mantar, etc.

Jaipur Trip cost

A trip to Jaipur costs you an average of 1,257 ($ 17) per day, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. The average spending per person for a week would be close to 9000 ($ 120). The cost of travel also depends on you. Also, the average hotel price for a couple in Jaipur is 1,553 ($ 21). So, a two-person trip to Jaipur for a week costs an average of 17,605 ($ 235).

2. Jodhpur

Jodhpur Rajasthan - Yatraworld

Jodhpur, which we also know as the 'Blue City', is the second-largest city in Rajasthan. This name is clearly known as most of the architecture here - forts, palaces, temples, Havelis, and even houses in colors. Are made. It is fascinating for those who want to see this magnificent city, which you will not want to miss. Jodhpur is also known for the rare breed of horses, known as Marwadi or Maelani, which are found only here.

Jodhpur originated in 1459. The history of this rich city revolves around the Rathore dynasty. Jodhpur is built in India by Rao Jodha, the head of the Rathore dynasty. The city is built in place of Mandor, the ancient capital of the state of Manwar. Therefore, Jodhpur and surrounding areas are also commonly known as Marwadi. The remains of Mandore can still be seen in Mandore Gardens.

Tourist Attraction Of Jodhpur

Major Tourist Attractions of Jodhpur Places are like Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhavan Palace, Mandore Gardens, Osian Temples, Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, Ghanta Ghar, Bishnoi Village, Kaylana Lake, Tripolia Market, Balsamand Lake, Chand Baori, Rai Ka Bag Palace, Toorji Ka Jhalra, Trophy Bar, Raas Haveli, Phool Mahal, Mahamandir, Om Banna Temple, Chamunda Mata Temple, Umaid Heritage Art School, Sardar Government Museum, Splash Water Park, Masuriya Hill Garden, Shastri Circle, Ranisar Padamsar, Fun World, Khejarla Fort, Machia Biological Park, etc.

Some of the main markets here are Clock Tower Market, Nai Sarak, Sojati Gate Market, Mochi Bazaar, Umaid Bhawan Palace Market, Kapraa Bazaar, Sarafa Bazaar, Tripolia Bazar, etc. are very famous from where you can buy things of your choice.

Jodhpur Trip Cost

A trip to Jodhpur costs you an average of 846 ($ 12) per day, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other travelers. The average spending per person for a week would be close to 6000 rupees ($ 90). The cost of travel also depends on you. Also, the average hotel price for a couple in Jodhpur is Rs 900 ($ 12). So, the average cost of a trip to Jaipur for two people for a week is 6300 rupees ($ 84).

3. Udaipur

Udaipur Rajasthan - Yatraworld

Udaipur, the crown jewel of the state of Rajasthan, also known as the 'City of Lakes'. This 'Venice of the East' has an unmatched specimen of natural beauty, temples, and breathtaking architecture, making it a very attractive travel destination in India. It is surrounded by beautiful Aravalli hills, due to which the city looks very lovely. By taking a boat ride in Lake Pichola, you will know why Udaipur is the pride of Rajasthan.

Situated in a valley and surrounded by lakes, Udaipur is a precious gift given by natural with grandeur, making it one of the most enchanting and memorable tourist destinations. It justifies all the names given to the attraction from 'Jewel of Mewar' to 'Venice of the East'.  And although the architecture of the entire city is extremely similar, the Lake Palace Hotel is something that gives the city a different definition due to its architecture.

Tourist attraction of Udaipur

Major Tourist Attractions of Udaipur Places are The Monsoon Palace, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Jawahar Nagar, Jaiwana Haveli, Tribute, Vintage Car Museum, Karni Mata Temple, Doodh Talai Musical Garden, Jaiwana Haveli, KLake Palace, Saheliyon Ki Bari, Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum, Bagore Ki Haveli, Fateh Sagar Lake, Shilpgram, Kabab Mistri, Raas Leela, Sukhadia Circle, Eklingji Temple, Ambrai Amet Haveli, Ahar Cenotaphs, City Palace, Bagore Ki Haveli, Hathi Pol Bazaar, Lake Pichola,  Jagat Niwas,  Jag Mandir,  Jagdish Temple, Maharana Pratap Memorial, Udaipur Solar Observatory, Crystal Gallery, Charcoal By Carlson, Sheesh Mahal, Chetak Circle, Jaisamand Lake, Haldighati, Chittorgarh Fort, Badi Lake, Bada Bazaar, Gangaur Ghat, Rajasthali, Nathdwara Temple, Bapu Bazaar, Mewar Biodiversity Park, Marvel Water Park, Aravali Nature View, Udaipur Ghat, Sahastra Bahu Temple, Under the Sun Aquarium, etc.

Some of the main markets here are Bada Bazaar, Mochiwada Bazaar, Hathi Pol Bazaar, Chetak Circle, Bapu Bazaar, Shilpgram, Rajasthali, Sadhna Emporium, Lake Palace Road, Jagdish Chowk, Maldas Street, Ghanta Ghar, etc., from where you can buy your favorite things.

Udaipur Trip Cost

A trip to Udaipur costs you an average of Rs 1,321 ($ 18) per day, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other travelers. The average spending per person for a week would be close to 8000 rupees ($ 108). The cost of travel also depends on you. Also, the average hotel price for a couple in Udaipur is Rs 1,489 ($ 20). So, the average cost of a trip to Udaipur for two people for a week is 18,492 rupees ($ 247).

4. Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Rajasthan - Yatraworld

Jaisalmer city is a major tourist destination of the state of Rajasthan. It is known as 'Swarna Nagri' due to the gold dunes and palaces divided into golden stones. Jaisalmer is adorned with Havelis, lakes, and ornate Jain temples. Camel riding and camping under the open sky in this golden land is an unforgettable and thrilling experience.

Jaisalmer Fort stands as a citadel and is surrounded by narrow streets inhabited by people who have lived there for generations. With colorful handicrafts and antique shops from the time of Havelis, you will experience travel in the olden times, Jaisalmer Desert is a confluence of culture, heritage, and adventure for foreigners and Indians.

Tourist Attraction of Jaisalmer

 Major Tourist Attractions of Jaisalmer Places are Patwon Ki Haveli,  Amar Sagar Lake, Gadisar Lake, Silk Route Art Gallery, Amar Sagar Lake, Bada Bagh, Sam Sand Dunes, Desert National Park, Jaisalmer Fort, Sadar Bazaar, Salim Singh Ki Haveli, Kuldhara Village, Khaba Fort, Vyas Chhatri, Surya Gate, Akal Wood Fossil Park, Shantinath Temple, Desert Culture Center, And Museum, Tazia Tower, Lodurva, Maharaja's Palace, Khuri Sand Dunes, Nathmal-Ki-Haveli, Thar Heritage Museum, Mandir Palace, Chandraprabhu Temple, Jaisalmer War Museum, Tanot Mata Temple, Dussehra Chowk, Pokaran Fort, Manak Chowk, Bhatia Bazaar, Indo-Pak Border, Jaisalmer Wind Park, Jaisalmer Government Museum, etc.

Some of the main markets here are Sadar Bazaar, Pansari Bazaar, Seema Gram, Manak Chowk, Sonaron Ka Baas, Bhatia Bazaar, etc., from where you can buy things of your choice.

Jaisalmer Trip cost

A trip to Jaisalmer costs you an average of Rs 1,253 ($ 17) per day, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other travelers. The average per capita expenditure for a week would be close to Rs 7600 ($ 102). The cost of travel also depends on you. Also, the average hotel price for a couple in Jaisalmer is 943 rupees ($ 13). So, a two-person trip to Jaisalmer for a week costs an average of Rs 17,541 ($ 234).

5. Pushkar

Pushkar Rajasthan - Yatraworld

The city of Pushkar located in Rajasthan is one of the oldest and holiest places in India. The serene atmosphere of Pushkar city is a favorite destination for thousands of tourists and devotees. Located at an altitude of 510 meters, Pushkar is surrounded by hills on three sides. Pushkar is known as the 'Rose Garden of Rajasthan' because from here, rose flowers are supplied all over the world.

According to mythology, it is believed that Brahma, the creator of the universe, dropped a lotus flower on the ground, creating a falling lake at that place. According to the legend of the fall of flowers, hence this place was named Pushkar. Pushkar is the only temple in the city dedicated to Lord Brahma in the whole world. Hindus consider Pushkar's journey as the ultimate pilgrimage which fulfills the desire to attain salvation.

Tourist Attraction Places In Pushkar

Top Tourist Attractions of Pushkar Places are Pushkar Lake Banks, Mahadeva Temple, Pushkar Lake, Merta, Naga Pahar, Rose Garden, Sarafa Bazar, Kishangarh, Man Mahal, Brahma's Temple, Varaha Temple, Savitri Temple, Rangji Temple, Gurudwara Sahib Pushkar, Gayatri Mata Temple, Varaha Ghat, Gau Ghat, The Laughing Buddha Cafe, Pushkar Bazaar, Apteshwar Temple, etc.

Some of the main markets here are Pushkar Fair, Sadar Bazaar, The Handicrafts Store, Kedalganj Bazaar, Baza Bazaar, Shiv Shakti Art and Handicraft, Antique Boutique, D&G Handmade Jewelry, etc., from where you can buy items of your choice.

Pushkar Trip Cost

A trip to Pushkar will cost you approximately average per day (895 ($ 12), this is the average daily price based on the expenses reported by other travelers. Also, the average price of a hotel for a couple in Pushkar is (918 ( $ 12). So, a trip to Pushkar for two people for a week costs around Rs 12,529 ($ 167) on average.

6. Bikaner

Bikaner Rajasthan - Yatraworld

Bikaner is a "cultural and tour paradise" situated in the midst of the Thar Desert. Bikaner with its grandeur in culture, architecture, and art is full of colors, festivities, and cultural wonders. The city will mesmerize you with beautiful sand dunes, ancient palaces, and forts riding a camel. Bikaner is said to be one of the three great desert places of Rajasthan. This dazzling city shows you old world charm, a pleasing art of grand Haveli Rajputs. One of the only two models of biplanes used by the British in World War 1, Bikaner is one of the most famous rides known for breeding camels such as the "Camel Country".

Sand Dunes and Desert Safari are among the major attractions here. Bikaner is also famous for hosting the International Camel Festival which attracts tourists from all over the world. Other attractions here include khulai, savoring tempting dishes like bhujia, shopping for exotic ivory and lacquer items, or looking at the region's vast heritage in the form of wall paintings, arts, and crafts.

Tourist Attraction of Bikaner

Major Tourist Attractions of Bikaner Places are like Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh Palace, Laxmi Niwas Palace, Gajner Palace & Wildlife Sanctuary, Rampuria Haveli, Bikaji Ki Tekri, Sadul Singh Museum, Prachina Museum, Ganga Singh Museum, Jain Temple Bhandasar, Shri Laxminath Temple, Shiv Bari Temple, Karni Mata Temple, Kodamdesar Temple, Ratan Bihari Temple, Kote Gate, Thar Desert, National Research Center on Camel, Devi Kund Sagar, Sursagar Lake, KolayatStation Road, MG Road, Skybird Water Park, etc.

Some of the main markets here are Lallgarh Palace Road, Kote Gate Road, Junagarh Fort Road, Bhujia Bazar, Bara Bazar, etc., from where you can buy things of your choice.

Bikaner Trip Cost

A trip to Bikaner costs you an average of Rs 1180 ($ 16) per day, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other travelers. The average per capita expenditure for a week would be close to Rs 8400 ($ 112). The cost of travel also depends on you. Also, the average hotel price for a couple in Bikaner is Rs 1390 ($ 18). So, the average travel cost of a Bikaner for two people for a week is Rs 19,690 ($ 280).

7. Mount Abu

Mount abu rajasthan  - yatraworld

Mount Abu is the only hill station tourist place in Rajasthan. Its calm and lush green environment makes it a major tourist destination of the state. However, the most important attraction here is undoubtedly the Dilwara Temple, which is one of the unmatched specimens of architecture in the country. If you are fond of history or architecture, then it is one of the places where you will get to see the best art in India.

If architecture is not your thing of choice, you will also get to see various lakes and views such as honeymoon point, sunset point, etc. Tourists can enjoy boating in Nakki Lake, and also have a view of the sunset from the sunset point. The highest peak in the range of the Aravalli range is also located in Mt. Abu, surrounded by dense green forests. Mount Abu offers you a romantic, natural and adventure travel experience.

Tourist Attraction of Mount Abu

Major tourist attractions of Mount Abu are Dilwara Jain Temples, Nakki Lake, Peace Park, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Guru Shikhar Peak, Sunset Point, Abu Road, Achalgarh Fort, Trevor's Tank, Toad Rock, Sri Raghunath Temple, Honeymoon Point, Tibetan Market, Adhar Devi Temple, Universal Peace Hall, Gaumukh Temple, Mt Abu Bazaar, Arbuda Devi, Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University, etc.

Some of the main markets here are Fair Price Rajasthan Emporium, Sajawat Hookah Store, Rajasthan Novelty, Chacha Museum, Piccadilly Plaza Mount Abu, S Cube, Rajasthan Handloom House, Beccos, Nakki Lake Market, etc., from where you can buy things of your choice.

Mount Abu Trip Cost

A trip to Mount Abu costs you an average of about Rs 900 ($ 13) per day, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other travelers. The average per capita expenditure for a week would be close to 6300 rupees ($ 87). The cost of travel also depends on you. Also, the average hotel price for a couple in Mount Abu is Rs 1580 ($ 18). So, the average cost of a trip to Mount Abu for two people for a week is 22000 rupees ($ 315).

8. Bharatpur

Bharatpur Bird Sanctury- yatraworld

Bharatpur is the largest wildlife tourist spot in Rajasthan. At Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, if you are a patient and silent bird watchman, you can see more than 100 species of birds and many different animals in the wild. Native and migratory birds are found here. Siberian cranes, falcons, flamingos, kingfishers and many more can be seen. The amazing part is that Rajasthan is also a safe place for solo travelers. So you can book in advance so that you can be saved from the hassle of running to find good accommodation and food.

Rajasthan makes you a complete tourist experience because it gives you all kinds of travel experiences. If you want to experience a memorable tour for a lifetime, then pack a bag and out for a trip to Rajasthan.

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